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Our PHOENIX water recycling experts will help you maximize water conservation and minimize cost, creating a site specific solution for your project.  Look no further, PHOENIX supplies all the critical pieces necessary for a successful rainwater or stormwater recycling scheme.  And don’t forget our rainwater systems can be easily incorporated with a greywater or blackwater system to provide a fully integrated water recycling scheme.  One control panel and one vendor, offering one integrated solution to maximize your water conservation objectives. 

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Sources / Catchment

The catchment area can be nearly any surface where water falls.  

  • Rainwater is water collected from roof surfaces or other man-made surfaces above ground.
  • Stormwater is water collected from grade or below grade surfaces.  
  • Condensate, from cooling towers or air conditioners, is another source frequently collected in combination with rainwater or stormwater.


Selection of the appropriate pre-filter is one of the most important decisions you will make for a successful rain or stormwater scheme.  The pre-filter is used to screen dirt and debris from the collected water in an effort to keep the storage tank as clean as possible – and prepare the way for further filtration and treatment.  Our expert staff will help you evaluate the catchment area and intended reuse application and select the most efficient pre-filter for your project.


Regardless of the scale or scope of your scheme, you’ll need a tank to store the collected water prior to reuse.  Tank selection can be complicated because of the numerous considerations.  Sizing the tank correctly is extremely important and has a direct impact on how much water is conserved.  Taking into account daily rainfall data, catchment area size and the desired reuse application, our expert staff will help determine the best tank size tank for your project.  We offer many different types of tanks and will work with your team to select the best tank and site location.


Treatment of the collected water requires technical consideration of all the steps – from catchment to end use – to determine the level of treatment required.  We provide custom designed treatment systems to meet your project needs, however the final product is always delivered in a ‘plug and play’ skid mounted design.  Pumping and controls are at the heart of each system and this is where PHOENIX’ 30 years of experience is truly evident.    

  • Pumps:  Submersible or horizontal centrifugal.
  • Controls:  Designed with integrated automation to be self-protecting and operate independently without operator input.  Remote monitoring and/or MODBUS or BAKNET capabilities offered.
  • Filtration:  Microfiltration, ultra-filtration or reverse osmosis.
  • Disinfection:  Ultraviolet (UV), granular activated carbon, ozone or chlorine dosing.

Reuse Application

The treated water is now safe for reuse for any number of non-potable applications, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Toilet and/or urinal flushing
  • Irrigation (spray, drip or subsurface)
  • Cooling tower make-up
  • Wash down