Water Recycling

PHOENIX Water Recycling

PHOENIX Water Recycling offers world-leading technology and expertise in commercial water recycling, delivering fully integrated schemes for on-site water reuse.  Our focus is on non-potable (non-drinking) water applications for existing buildings and new commercial projects.  

Alternate water sources, such as blackwater, greywater or rainwater are collected, treated and beneficially reused in a variety of non-potable applications including toilet flushing, surface irrigation and cooling towers.  Successful installations include commercial office towers, business parks, resorts, schools, residential communities and multi-family residential buildings.  
We utilize proprietary tools to help your team evaluate options and inform decision making.  The end goal is a site specific strategy for your project that offers the most practical and cost effective water recycling solution.  Whether it’s blackwater, greywater, stormwater, rainwater or any combination therein, PHOENIX comes alongside your project team to simplify the process, providing expert support from beginning to end.  

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