PHOENIX Services

Field Services

PHOENIX offers the services of our highly trained and skilled staff of field service technicians and process engineers. Whether for operator training, start-up advisory services, technical consultations, controls and automation refinements, or process evaluations, our customers utilize our service staff to help ensure optimal performance of PHOENIX equipment on a continuing basis.

Lab Services

To properly select and size PHOENIX equipment for each specific application, we request that a representative slurry or sludge sample be shipped to our laboratory. Our lab technicians perform a series of tests to determine the physical characteristics of the solids.

Then, bench scale tests of the applicable technologies are completed. (READ MORE)

Process Engineering

PHOENIX places process engineering at the absolute core of our business, by understanding our customer's existing process or PHOENIX engineers designing a new flow sheet. Starting with our lab work, or field demonstrations using our commercial scale pilot equipment, we define the required operating parameters for our equipment. (READ MORE)

Then, we design a flow sheet, applying the required process controls and system automation. The successful application of PHOENIX technologies first requires proper equipment selection and sizing that reflects the range of feed conditions and the desired end result. However, it is our system integration, through the use of field devices and components, which provides the required adaptability to changing process parameters.