PHOENIX: Clear Solutions!


The PHOENIX commitment is to superior service and technology at the greatest savings for our client. PHOENIX Process Equipment Company designs and manufactures a variety of high quality systems for sand processing; fine particle wet classification and separation; slurry and sludge thickening and dewatering; effluent water treatment; and greywater/blackwater purification and recycling for commercial and multi-residence applications.

A Summary Of Our Services

PHOENIX offers complete system engineering capabilities to support our products and process solutions. Process flow sheet, structural, piping, electrical, facility, and system automation design are available to support our customers' needs.

Commitment to quality manufacturing is evident in our finished product. Incorporating industry improvements such as thermally-sprayed zinc coatings enables us to offer fully welded structural assemblies. This improvement allows the coating of the non-stainless steel parts with high purity zinc, an effective solution to hot-dipped galvanizing problems...and much better corrosion protection than standard painting systems.

To fully support our customers, we have established an extensive inventory of off-the-shelf components. Our commitment to parts availability when needed reduces customer spare parts stocking economical approach for our customers.

The PHOENIX field service staff is prepared to offer process or mechanical assistance whenever it is required. Our periodic Customer Contact Program is highly successful in anticipating problems and generating equipment design improvements...a simple solution to improve communications with our customers.

Extensive use of off-the-shelf components, a large parts inventory, rapid engineering response through our computer design programs, and efficient manufacturing capabilities all combine to provide the shortest delivery time in the industry. In extreme cases, shipments within four weeks are possible.

Lab Testing
Our laboratory is fully equipped to provide testing services to establish the proper equipment selection and optimize design and operating parameters.

Pilot Plant Testing
PHOENIX pilot plant equipment, operated by experienced process engineers, is available to perform commercial scale demonstrations at the job site.

Process Evaluation
Experienced process engineers are available to perform process evaluations and confirm application requirements. Flow measurement, instrumentation, and proper sampling technique ensure proper system design.