PHOENIX auto/CHEMâ„¢ - Controls

Basic System Design

The standard DSC (Dewatering System Controller) is based around a design that uses a stand-alone Logic Control Panel to monitor and control the entire dewatering system. The DSC contains a processor and all the associated I/O to control a Thickener, one Belt Filter Press and various ancillary pumps and field devices. The DSC also contains a PC with an industrial panel mount color monitor for operator interface. The operator interface PC provides a graphical representation of the system with displaying all the necessary outputs for proper system control. The DSC is also designed to control an external motor control package. The external motor package (by others) can take any form from either a Motor Control Center (MCC) or a Motor Control Panel (MCP).

PLC Programming

Extensive testing and field data has allowed us to develop a fully functional and tested PLC ladder logic code for a DSC. The program is written and is tested and finalized in our shop prior to releasing the DSC for shipment. Included with the PLC programming service is a complete and comprehensive O&M manual.

Operator Interface Programming

The PC and industrial monitor will provide a real time graphical representation of the dewatering system. Additional screens will allow for manual override controls, parameter/speed adjustment settings, and fault annunciation with alarm history and date time stamp for record keeping. This is a PHOENIX Process Equipment Co developed application and is sold to the customer license free. PHOENIX Process Equipment Co retains all rights to the developed code which is maintained as a proprietary developed software program.